Stefansson institute logo copyThe Stefansson Arctic Institute (SAI), established in 1998 and located in Akureyri, Iceland, is an independent governmental research institute within the Icelandic Ministry for the Environment and Natural Resources. It bears the name of arctic explorer and anthropologist Vilhjálmur Stefánsson (1879-1962). 

The SAI takes an interdisciplinary approach to understanding human-environment relations in the Circumpolar Arctic. Particular emphasis is on research and scientific assessments concerning economic systems and human development, marine-resource governance, political ecology of agricultural systems, and the impacts of and adaptation to past and present climate change.  

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Westfjords university logoThe University Centre of the Westfjords (UW) is a small higher educational organization, which was established in 2005 and began operations in January 2006. The University Centre building is home to more than 50 people in research, teaching and services in various organizations and companies. The University Centre is a distance learning centre that serves about 100 distance learning students.

The University Centre offers two international master’s programs: Coastal and Marine Management as well as Coastal Communities and Regional Development. Each year roughly 20 students are accepted into each master's program. UW also offers a small individualised program of study at the master’s level in the field of Marine Innovation.

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haskolinn akureyri logo copy

The University of Akureyri, UNAK, is a state university that has served Akureyri and its rural surrounding since 1987. UNAK offers programmes in School of Humanities and Social Sciences, School of Health Sciences, School of Business and Science. It has a well-established distance learning programmes with more than half of the 2300 students enrolled in flexible learning.

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RHA logo eng copyThe University of Akureyri Research Centre (RHA) is an independent centre within the University of Akureyri (UNAK). It was established in 1992 and has conducted numerous research projects, surveys and consultations for companies, organisations and ministries both domestically and through foreign research grants and networks both independently and in cooperation with others.

The main goal of RHA is to enhance the UNAK research capabilities and to strengthen the University’s ties to the local and national economy. Furthermore, RHA assists and leads in the development of new projects and centres within the University. Among such projects is the Northern Research Forum (NRF).

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The University of Iceland is a progressive educational and scientific institution, renowned in the global scientific community for its research. It is a state university, situated in the heart of Reykjavík, the capital of Iceland. We want a degree from the University of Iceland to carry a definitive mark of quality that can be relied upon throughout the world. This goal will be the strength of the University's students in the future.

The University of Iceland also holds a leading role in sustainable energy and environmental research. The University of Iceland has set itself the long-term goal of being ranked among the 100 best universities in the world and to employ internationally recognised quality standards in all appraisement of its work.

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