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The Arctic is the home to unique populations, biodiversity and extreme weather conditions and all the associated challenges it represents. In the Arctic Cooperation Webinars Series, a team of selected experts, academics and professionals will tackle a hot Arctic topic, setting up a discussion on current trends, developments and solutions to the related challenges. If you want to learn more about Arctic topics and participate in the discussion, take a seat at the Arctic Meeting Room table!

The Arctic Cooperation Webinars Series

The Arctic Cooperation Webinars Series was initiated in 2020 and seeks the promotion and democratization of Arctic and Traditional knowledge through the creation of an online platform, bringing together multi-perspective and high-level expertise to provide knowledge and content for a thematically focused educational access. An interdisciplinary approach is achieved through the promotion of Icelandic and international Arctic-relevant expertise. Target audiences include indigenous and local communities, students and early career researchers, academic and non-academic experts, policy makers and private sector entities. Overcoming remoteness, expanding high quality tailored education, creating new knowledge and content, building resilience in Arctic local communities and promoting sustainable development are the key achievements of the project, fostering compliance with the UN Sustainable Development Goals 4, 10 and 13.

Past Webinar: 20th October 2020


Regional Development & Food Security in the Arctic: The Role of Geothermal Energy

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