Arctic Policies

An increasing number of countries have published their strategies in Arctic matters:

A Parliamentary Resolution on Iceland's Arctic Policy - agreed in the Parliament 28 March 2011.

Denmark, Greenland and Faroe Islands
Kingdom of Denmark Strategy for the Arctic 2011-2020 - published in August 2011.

Finland's Strategy for the Arctic Region 2013 - published 23 August 2013.

Canada's Northern Strategy Our North, Our Heritage, Our Future - published 2009.

The Norwegian Government's High North Strategy - published 1 December 2006.
New Building Blocks in the North : The next step in the Government's High North Strategy - published 12 March 2009.

Sweden's Strategy for the Arctic Region - published 2011.

Adapting to change, UK policy towards the Arctic - published 2013

National Strategy for the Arctic Region - published in May 2013.
U.S. Department of Defence Arctic Strategy - published in November 2013

Japan's Arctic Policy (Provisional Translation) - published 16 October 2015

Various strategies and policies in Arctic matters:

Strategy Papers on the Arctic or High North: A comparative study and analysis - published 2012
By Alyson JK Bailes & Lassi Heininen. Institute of International Affairs - Centre for Small State Studies

Arctic Strategies and Policies: Inventory and Comparative Study - published 2011
By Lassi Heininen, PhD., University of Lapland, Northern Research Forum. Published by The Northern Research Forum & The University of Lapland

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