Icelandic Publications

renewable energy arcticIceland has published numerous report related to the Arctic. Most of them are only available in Icelandic.

In 2006 a working group of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs published a report on navigation and the future of the Arctic. In view of the great interests at stake for Iceland, the Minister for Foreign Affairs established a working group, under the auspices of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, to examine the opening of the Northern Sea Route and its significance for Iceland. The working group released the report in 2005 in Icelandic and a year later in English.

The report is available here.

Iceland also published a report with an overview of the renewable energy sector in Iceland in 2009. The report is entitled Renewable Energy: Contributing Proven Solutions to the World (2009) and is available here.

Several reports in Icelandic are available here and below this text.

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