Westfjords university logoThe University Centre of the Westfjords (UW) is a small higher educational organization, which was established in 2005 and began operations in January 2006. The University Centre building is home to more than 50 people in research, teaching and services in various organizations and companies. The University Centre is a distance learning centre that serves about 100 distance learning students.

The University Centre offers two international master’s programs: Coastal and Marine Management as well as Coastal Communities and Regional Development. Each year roughly 20 students are accepted into each master's program. UW also offers a small individualised program of study at the master’s level in the field of Marine Innovation.

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The Coastal and Marine Management and the Regional Development master's programs are international, interdisciplinary and taught in modules. The working language of the programs is English.

Students receive either a Master of Arts in Coastal Communities and Regional Development or a Master of Resource Management in Coastal and Marine Management from the University of Akureyri.

In co-operation with the Innovation Centre of Iceland and the University of Akureyri, the master’s program in Marine Innovation offers students the chance to design their own research with the aim of promoting innovation in the Westfjords.

The University Centre takes part in international partnerships through cooperation with the University of the Arctic and works in close cooperation with the Nordic Council and the European Union. The University Centre focuses on academic quality and adheres to the requirements of the Bologna process for European universities in co-operation with its domestic and foreign partner universities.

The University Centre is a young and flexible organization. Employees strive to serve the educational and research needs of the Westfjords to the fullest. The University Centre also strives to provide assistance and facilities for students and researchers outside the region who wish to connect with the small but fascinating research environment in the Westfjords.

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Peter Weiss
Name: Peter Weiss
Job title: Director
E-mail: weiss[at]uw.is
Telephone: +354 450 3045 / +354 869 3045







Contact person
Name: Ingi Björn Guðnason
Job title: Verkefnastjóri / Project Manager
E-mail: ingi[at]uw.is
Telephone: + 354 450 3042 (Office), +354 869 4374 (Mobile)
Address: Suðurgötu 12, 400 Ísafjörður, Ísland
Háskólasetur Vestfjarða / University Centre of the Westfjords

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