Fulbright Commission

fulbrightThe Ministry for Foreign Affairs and the Fulbright Commission have signed an agreement to set up a Fulbright scholar grant in Arctic Studies. Through this agreement the Ministry for Foreign Affairs will fund US scholars to teach and conduct research in Arctic issues at Icelandic universities over the next three years.

The Arctic is a priority in Icelandic foreign policy, as one of the government's emphasis is to increase knowledge of the Arctic through research and education and scholarly activities.

The government focuses on strengthening trans-Atlantic relations and with this agreement an important step is taken to strengthen scientific and academic cooperation in an area which is of great importance to both Iceland and the US.

Both countries are interested in strengthening ties in this area, i.a. by sharing knowledge and experience in fields of mutual interest. The cooperation agreement will strengthen educational institutions in Iceland and raise Iceland's profile as an interesting option for international students and scholars.

Fulbright Arctic Initiative

The Fulbright Arctic Initiative program will link faculty, applied researchers and public policy professionals across the Arctic region through international exchanges and seminars, allowing grantees to spend up to 18 months engaged in collaborative thinking, analysis, problem-solving and multi-disciplinary research in one of four research areas: energy, water, health and infrastrusture.

Sixteen outstanding scholars will be chosen for this program. At least four of the scholars will be selected from the United States and the remaining will come from Canada, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Russia and Sweden.

Visiting Scholar Application Deadline was February 2, 2015.


Several funds are available for Arctic-related matters. This site includes information on some of them. To find suitible partners for Arctic projects in Iceland, contacting the IACN is also an option.

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