Network of Arctic Research and Projects

Network of Arctic Research and Projects

  • Thoroddur Sveinsson Assistant Professor in Faculty of Animal and Land Resources at Agricultural University of Iceland
    thoroddur [AT] lbhi [DOT] is
    • Master of Science in Agronomy, North Dakota State University, USA, 1987
    Main Interests:
    • Whole farm research
    • Nutrient management, energy crops
    • On farm forage concervation
    • Timothy
    Agricultural University of Iceland
  • Thorsteinn Gunnarsson Senior Advisor, Division for Science and Innovation
    thorsteinn [DOT] gunnarsson [AT] rannis [DOT] is
    • Ph.D. in Education
    Topic / Field:
    Climate Change, Education, Human Development, Regional Development, Social Impacts, Social Sciences, Sustainability
    Main Interests:
    • Quality Management for Universities
    • Innovation in the Public sector
    • Arctic cooperation in science and innovation
    • Icelandic representative in IASC Council
    • Icelandic representative in Sustaining Arctic Observation Networks (SAON)
    • Icelandic representative in a Programme Committee for Nordic Centers of Excellence in Arctic Research
    • Chairman of the Co-operative Committee on Arctic Affairs
    • Member of the Arctic Circle Advisory Board
    • Member of the Northern Research Forum Steering Committee
    • Board member of the Icelandic Arctic Cooperation Network
    • Associate Scientist at the Stefansson Arctic Institute
  • Tom Barry Executive Secretary for CAFF, the biodiversity working group of the Arctic Council
    tom [AT] caff [DOT] is
    Main Interests:
    • Broad range of experience at national and international levels dealing with strategic planning and organizational development, a primary focus of which has been Arctic issues, where he works with a diverse range of stakeholders throughout the Arctic.
    • Heavily involved in the Arctic Biodiversity Assessment, which creates a baseline for use in global and regional assessments of biodiversity and provide a basis to inform and guide future Arctic Council work.
    • Is also closely involved in the implementation of the Circumpolar Biodiversity Monitoring Programme (CBMP), which is working to facilitate more rapid detection, communication and responses to the significant biodiversity-related trends and pressures affecting the circumpolar world
  • Tomas Johannesson Glaciological research group leader
    tj [AT] vedur [DOT] is
    • Ph.D. in geophysics from the University of Washington, field of study: glaciology
    Topic / Field:
    Climate and Environment, Climate Change, Glaciology
    Main Interests:
    • Glaciological research and studies of changes in glaciers and climate
    • Studies of snow avalanches and natural hazards
    • Geophysical modelling and data processing
    • Hazard zoning for snow avalanches and landslides
    • Snow avalanche protection measures
    • Snow avalanche forecasting
    • Glacier mapping - lidar mapping
    • The Nordic Centre of Excellence SVALI
    • The snow avalanche research projects CADZIE and SATZIE
    • The climate change studies CCEP, CWE, VVO, CE and VO, CES
    Icelandic Meteorological Office
  • Trausti Jonsson Meteorologist at the Icelandic Meteorological Office
    trausti [AT] vedur [DOT] is
    Topic / Field:
    Climate Change, Meteorology
    Main Interests:
    • Climate
    • Meteorology
    • Research in Climatology
    Icelandic Meteorological Office
  • Valur Ingimundarson Professor of Contemporary History at University of Iceland
    vi [AT] hi [DOT] is
    • Ph.D. Columbia University, New York, 1993
    Topic / Field:
    Main Interests:
    • International History
    • Contemporary History
    • International Relations
    • Icelandic Foreign and Security Policy
    • Arctic Geopolitics, Governance and Institutional Developments
    • Icelandic Arctic Strategy and Policies
    • US-European Relations Since World War
    • U.S.-Iceland Relations
    • The Politics of Memory
    • Post-Conflict Politics and Societal Reconstruction

    Arctic Research

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    University of Iceland

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