Icelandic-Arctic Chamber of Commerce

logo NordurslodaVidskiptaradidThe Icelandic-Arctic Chamber of Commerce (IACC) was established in May 2013. IACC´s founding partners are the Iceland Chamber of Commerce, the Icelandic Federation of Industry, the Icelandic Arctic Cooperation Network and the Ministry for Foreign Affairs.


Amongst IACC´s operations are fisheries, tourism, transport, shipping, production, renewable energy use, oil and gas industry, health care, education and innovation. The goal is to put to use the vast knowlegde and experience that Iceland holds regarding engineering and technology, research and use of renewable energy and fisheries. Iceland posesses high quality transport systems on land, sea and in air, ice free harbours and four international airports. Geographically, Iceland is well located for business transactions all over the world.

The IACC will furthermore work closely with Icelandic authorities, universities and research forums as well as other interested parties, to encourage lucrative, yet responsible harnessing of business opportunities in the Arctic, for the long term benefit of the Icelandic economy as well as for Icelandic society in general. Its operation fits well with the Government‘s statement on foreign affairs in the Coalition Government Platform 2013 where it says: The government will direct efforts toward making Iceland a leading force in the Arctic and an active participant in West Nordic co-operation. Preparations will begin to take advantage of opportunities created by the opening of Arctic sea routes and emphasis placed on having projects related to this located in Iceland.


In addition to the founding partners other partners are involved, such as Arctic Services, Deloitte, Eimskip, Eykon, Hafnarfjarðarhöfn, Icelandair, Íslandsbanka, Íslenska aðalverktaka, Landsbankinn, Logos, Mannvit, Norðurflug, Reykjavik University and Ursus.

Bilateral Chambers

The Icelandic-Arctic Chamber of Commerce will operate similarly to bilateral Chambers of Commerce already active under Icelandic Chamber of Commerce's wing, creating a platform for connections between enterprises and companies all over Iceland, stakeholders in the increased economic activities in the Arctic region, as well as serving as an information center for arctic issues.




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