Iceland MFA logoThe Ministry for Foreign Affairs safeguards the interests of Icelandic citizens, companies and consumers by facilitating access to international markets and strengthening free trade. The Ministry supports Icelandic firms abroad and promotes Icelandic arts and culture.

The Foreign Ministry conducts Iceland's political relations with other states and international organizations, covering a wide range of issues ranging from human rights to security and defence and trade. Iceland’s international development cooperation aims to deliver measurable results in poverty eradication, improving living conditions and achieving gender equality, freedom and prosperity in the world.

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The Ministry protects the interests of Icelandic citizens abroad and provides assistance in cases such as accidents, illness or death overseas.

Main Arctic Projects

Iceland will be taking over the Chairmanship of the Arctic Council in May 2019 and leading the organisation for two years.

Main Publications and Reports


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Icelandic SAO

Bryndis kjartansdottir

Senior Arctic Official
Fridrik Jonsson
✉ fj [AT] mfa [DOT] is


Contact Person

Name: Sveinn H. Guðmarsson
Email: sveinn [DOT] h [DOT] gudmarsson [AT] utn [DOT] stjr [DOT] is
Tel: +354 545-9974
General inquiries: postur [AT] utn [DOT] stjr [DOT] is

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