Together Towards a Sustainable Arctic

The theme of the Arctic Council Chairmanship program for 2019-2021 reflects Iceland’s commitment to the principle of sustainable development and refers to the necessity of close cooperation between the states and peoples of the region and beyond.

Sustainable development and protection of the Arctic environment have been at the core of the Arctic Council’s mandate since its foundation in 1996. With rapid environmental changes underway, its role has become ever more important.

Temperatures in the Arctic continue to rise at more than twice the global annual average. Rising temperatures accelerate the melting of snow and ice and affect the Arctic’s interconnected ecosystems in direct and indirect ways, with various economic and social implications for Arctic communities.

Effective mitigation and adaptation strategies are needed to address the adverse impacts of Arctic climate change. The Arctic States and their partners must also ensure that new economic activities made possible by the decline of sea ice will be pursued in a sustainable manner. Balance must be sought between the three pillars of sustainable development – economic growth, social inclusion and environmental protection. [Source: Government of Iceland]


 Einar 350px                                                                          


 Einar Gunnarsson

Ambassador Arctic Affairs
Chair of the Senior Arctic Officials
ATel: +354 545 9915
eMail: eg [AT] mfa [DOT] is

Fridrik Jonsson

Senior Arctic Official for Iceland
Director of Arctic Affairs
ATel: +354 545 8973
eMail: fj [AT] mfa [DOT] is


Adalheidur 350px


Solrun 350px                                                                    

Magnus 350px
Aðalheiður Inga Þorsteinsdóttir
Counsellor, Arctic Affairs;
Deputy SAO & SDWG Head of Delegation
+(354) 545-7971
ath [AT] mfa [DOT] is
Sólrún Svandal
Senior Adviser,
Arctic Affairs
+(354) 545 7331
sss [AT] mfa [DOT] is
Magnús Jóhannesson
Special Adviser,
Arctic Affairs
+(354) 545 9965
magnus [AT] mfa [DOT] is

           Jona Solveig 350px

            Iris 350px 

     Stefan2 350px

 Jóna Sólveig Elínardóttir
Senior Adviser,
Arctic Affairs
+354 545 7985
jonasolveig [AT] mfa [DOT] is
 Iris Dager
Temporary Officer
+354 545 7421
iris [DOT] dager [AT] mfa [DOT] is
Sefán Skjaldarson
Chair of the Arctic Council SDWG
+354 545 9933
stefans [AT] mfa [DOT] is

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