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tekkingarsetur tingeyinga logoÞekkingarnet Þingeyinga or Húsavík Academic Center (HAC) is dedicated to promoting and facilitating lifelong learning, university studies and interdisciplinary research. The center is located in the town of Húsavík, Iceland, but serves all of Þingeyjarsýslur, a region in the northeastern part of Iceland. HAC offers academic, vocational and recreational courses and study programmes, provides study facilities for students, serves as a center for interdisciplinary research in Þingeyjarsýslur and offers its services and facilities to researchers working in the region.

HAC website in English.

tekkingarnet tingeyinga husavik svaediStarfsvæði Þekkingarnetsins.Published material

This lists a selection of publications by HAC, all of them in Icelandic.

 - Yearly Report 2012 and work plan 2013

 - Populatio evolution of the Tingeyjarsyslur area 2013 

 - Opportunities and future of Tingey 

 - Economic effects of tourism in Husavik in a changed society

 - The Icelandic game – teaching material in Icelandic for foreigners 

 - Efnahagsleg áhrif ferðaþjónustu á Húsavík - tilkoma hvaðaskoðunar. 

 - Tunnel under Vadlaheidi - Social analysis 

 - Arctic-henge in Raufarhöfn 

Skrifstofan er á besta stað á Húsavík.Current Projects

Two reports are due to be released in summer 2013. One is a study of educational needs in the municipality, looking at its inhabitants and the local economy. The other is a study on environmental impacts of projects. Other running projects include general learning courses for adults, services for students and summer projects with students.

oli tekkingarnet husavikContact

Name: Óli Halldórsson

Title: Forstöðumaður

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Telephone: +354 464-5100

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