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The Centre for Gender Equality opened in September 2000 and is located in Akureyri. It handles administration of gender equality in Iceland in accordance to act. 10/2008: An Act on Equal Status and Equal Rights of Women and Men. The role of the Centre is defined in article 4 of the act. The agency runs by the control of the Ministry of Welfare.

Among the Centre’s various tasks are monitoring of the implementation of act 10/2008, informing on gender equality as well as to conduct training and consulting services to individuals, companies, corporations, and government agencies at all levels. Furthermore the Centre is to monitor the development of gender equality in the society, by collection of information and through research.

The Centre in the Arctic

WestNordenWebThe Centre for Gender Equality participates in international work and research on Gender Issues, not the least in the Nordic and West-Nordic countries. In 2012, The Centre co-managed a pilot project on establishment of a website on gender issues. The website’s focuses on gender equality issues in Iceland, Greenland and the Faroe Islands. The project runs under the Nordic Council of Ministers.

The web on West-Nordic gender equality issues is available here.

Equality is a subject of debate and research in the Arctic as elsewhere in the world. In the Arctic Human Development Report AHDR, published in 2004, one of the chapters introduced and discussed gender equality in various areas of the Arctic. It gives quite comprehensive overview over how the genders have been affected by the developments and changes in the different parts of the Arctic area.

AHDR's chapter on gender equality in the arctic is available here.

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The website of The Centre for Gender Equality, offers information about the organization and its staff, as well as news, articles and reports. Additionally current projects are introduced and web-links can be found on various webs of Icelandic and foreign organizations and companies with relation to equality and gender issues.

The Centre's website is


On the Centre’s website an extensive collection of publications is available on gender equality issues, both in Iceland as at international level. The material is issued by the Centre as well as other sources, both domestic and foreign.

These include reports with not the least reference to the arctic area or parts thereof, such as a report on a study of welfare, relevant for young West-Nordic women, as well as a report on the different impacts of climate change on the genders.

Gender and Climate change (2009)

Konur og velferð í Færeyjum, Grænlandi og á Íslandi (2010 – Icelandic)

Arnat atugarissaarnerlu Savalimmiuni, Kalaallit Nunaanni, Islandimilu (2010 – Greenlandic)

Kvinnur og vælferð í Útnorðri (2010 - Faroese)

Kvinder og velfærd i Vestnorden (2010 - Danish)

Examples on other published material on the website:

Information on Gender Equality in Iceland, (2012)

Gender and Power in the Nordic Countries (2011)

Parental leave, Care Policies and Gender Equalities in the Nordic Countries (2009)

Kön och mact i norden I - Landsrapporter (2009)

Kön och mact i norden II - Sammanfattande diskussion och analys (2009)

Between Paid and Unpaid Work: (2006):
- On Reconciliation of Gender Equality and Daily Routines in Iceland (2006)
- Family Friendly Policies and Gender Equality in Europe (2006) 


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