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Reykjavík University (RU) consists of four schools - the School of Business, School of Computer Science, School of Law and School of Science and Engineering. RU offers diploma, B.Sc., M.Sc. and Ph.D. programs. RU is a non-profit organization chartered by the Icelandic Chamber of Commerce, the Confederation of Icelandic Employers, and the Federation of Icelandic Industries. The main focus of RU is on research, excellence in teaching, and cooperation with industry and the active business community.  RU puts emphasis on innovation and entrepreneurship, international cooperation and standards as well as promoting interdisciplinary cooperation. RU is the second largest university in Iceland, with approximately 3500 students, 250 full time faculty and staff in addition to 200 part time lecturers. The employees of the University come from around 20 countries (EU and non-EU). Approximately 130 academic employees (assistant professors, associate professors, professors, adjuncts, postdoctoral fellows, guest professors, and other specialists) currently work at RU on various research projects in collaboration with both domestic and international research institutions and companies.

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RU connection to the Arctic

Reykjavik University (RU) is a member of the University of the Arctic (Uarctic). The University conducts research, which many are touching Arctic issues. These include studies in law, for example, in the field of law of the sea and environmental law (School of Law), research in the field of risk assessment (School of Science and Engineering), in the field of international trade (School of Business) and in the field of computer technology (School of Computer Science). Iceland School of Energy (ISE), within School of Science and Engineering, offers a unique opportunity to study sustainable energy in close cooperation with leaders in the field of renewable energy, i.e. Reykjavik Energy and Iceland GeoSurvey.

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Director of RU Research Services
kristjan HR
Name: Kristjan Kristjansson
Job title: Executive Director of RU Research and Information
E-mail: kk[at]
Telephone: +354 599 6372

Contact person

Björgvin Ægir Richardsson

Name: Björgvin Ægir Richardsson
Job title: Programme Administrator at RU Research Services
E-mail: bjorgvinr[at]
Telephone: +354 599 6437, +354 825 6437

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