The Conservation of Arctic Flora and Fauna (CAFF) is the biodiversity working group of the Arctic Council, the high-level intergovernmental forum to promote cooperation, coordination and interaction among the Arctic states of Canada, USA, Russia, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Iceland.

CAFF's mandate is to address the conservation of Arctic biodiversity, and to communicate its findings to the governments and residents of the Arctic, helping to promote practices which ensure the sustainability of the Arctic’s living resources. It does so through various monitoring, assessment and expert group activities.

The working groups are an essential part of the Council, contrbuting information to shape decision-making in the region. CAFF serves as a vehicle to cooperate on species and habitat management and utilization, to share information on management techniques and regulatory regimes, and to facilitate more knowledgeable decision-making. It provides a mechanism to develop common responses on issues of importance for the Arctic ecosystem such as development and economic pressures, conservation opportunities and political commitments.

CAFF is governed by a Chair and Management Board, and supported and coordinated by the International CAFF Secretariat, based in Akureyri, Iceland, with five employees.

Current Projects



The CAFF website is comprehensive and packed with data and information. It contains information about the CBMP, assessments and expert groups. The website has over 700 publications and information about expert groups in the fields of flora, seabirds, protected areas, marine ecosystems, freshwater ecosystems and terrestrial tcosystems. CAFF makes its data available where possible on the Arctic Biodiversity Data Service (ABDS). All information is in English.


Published Material 

CAFF publications are available here.


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