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Arctic Services, opened in February 2013, is an association between number of companies and institutions in the Eyjafjörður area, central North Iceland. Opening of Arctic shipping routes and the expansion of mining and possible oil production in the arctic region are the main prerequisites for the founding of Arctic Services.

The association’s participants possess expertise and experience relevant to construction projects in the Arctic, such as companies that conduct industrial and technical services, research, engineering and aviation, as well as public utilities in the area.

By the founding of Arctic Services, the aim is to make the variety of services and infrastructure in the region well visible and easily accessible to those planning on participating in oil exploration and mining as well as other projects in the arctic and sub-arctic.

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Main Arctic projects and partners

Arctic Services is a member of several Icelandic organizations on arctic matters:

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Arctic Services‘ website offers information about the association and its founding partners, news on related issues as well as clearly categorized overview over the different sectors of industry and services the partners provide. On the website a brochure published by Arctic Services is available. The brochure gives an extensive promotion of the partners, their specialization and the services they have to offer as well as on the Eyjafjörður area.


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