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The Arctic Portal is a comprehensive gateway to arctic information and data on the Internet, increasing information sharing and co-operation among arctic stakeholders and granting exposure to arctic related information and data. It provides communication, outreach consultation and web presence to numerous Arctic organizations and projects. It serves as host to many important web sites in a circumpolar context, supporting co-operation and outreach in science, education, and policymaking. The portal is managed as a non-profitable organization, located in Akureyri in Iceland, under an international board of directors. It has a staff of 13.


The Arctic Portal website contains comprehensive information about the Arctic. News is posted regularly and topic-related portlets are available, on Energy, Shipping, Fishing, Climate change and the Arctic in general. It has videos and images from numerous events, a large library of documents and an events calendar. Arctic Portal also has its own interactive mapping system.

The whole website is in English.

The website is

Current Projects

Along with information sharing, Arctic Portal specializes in websites with design, programing and hosting all among services. Arctic Portal also conducts project management and outreach for numerous projects. It also provides web presence to over 50 scientific institutions, associations and projects of international importance and participates in Arctic research projects, such as European Commission funded EU Arctic Information Centre initiative, Arctic Council SDWG endorsed Arctic Maritime and Aviation Transportation Infrastructure Initiative, the Arctic Council SAON Project, the EU 7th framework program funded PAGE21 Permafrost project and many others.

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Name: Halldor Johannsson

Title: Director

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